Our classes

Free Your Instinct offer parkour coaching to support mental health and wellbeing.

Classes utilise parkour to develop skills such as

  • Problem solving
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Managing Fear
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience

Participants learn the basic principles and philosophy of parkour whilst developing a range of basic movements from experienced and qualified coaches.

Typically, each class is divided into four different sections, warm up, two class components and cool-down, and is designed to challenge and strengthen both the mind and body


A thorough warm up prepares participants mind and body for parkour specific movement. Using low impact games, the warm up develops attributes such as strength (both physical and mental), spatial-awareness, co-ordination, power, reaction-time, precision, creativity and teamwork, positively developing relationships with others.

Component One

Participants will learn and develop parkour technique that can be adapted and developed to suit individual abilities, enabling all levels of experience to participate in the same class and
allow for continued learning and progression. 

Component Two  

The coach will then respond to the needs of the group, either providing advanced coaching which leads on from the techniques learnt in component one, or embedding the techniques learnt into parkour-based games designed to challenge mental and physical capabilities through exercises, challenges, teamworking and problem solving.


The last ten minutes is spent on a full body stretch, relaxing the traceurs’ body and mind.

All our courses are currently full, however if you are interested in attending one of our classes, please let us know by filling in our wait list form here

By completing the waitlist form, we gain a greater understanding of where there is need and demand for courses, and can support you better.