Parkour is a very unique and enjoyable way of developing strength, fitness and flexibility.

This unique sport is known to have a strong philosophy that can aid, help and improve many aspects of life. Through training we learn our strengths and weaknesses and therefore what we can build on, teaching us that with dedication and determination we can overcome these challenges.

Offering all the mental and physical benefits of physical activity, professional and qualified coaching is offered to both those new to parkour as well as those who desire to take their capabilities to the next level.

Through qualified coaching, participants are able to learn how to understand, manage and minimise risk, and apply these problem solving skills to everyday challenges.

Many people find mainstream sports such as football and rugby unappealing. Classes offer and activity that is free from rules and judgment, enabling participants to challenge themselves physically in a non-competitive environment.

Parkour could be the activity for someone who has yet to find enjoyment and connection through more traditional sport/exercise. Parkour can be practised any time, any where any day.

Classes are currently based in Bristol and London. For further information or to join one of our courses please email:

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Please note that the email and telephone number is not monitored 24hrs.