Charlotte Blake

Charlotte is the chair person and founder of Free Your Instinct. She has a background in mental health and fitness. Her vision is to enable our participants to use parkour to help manage their health by improving fitness, reconnecting to their environment and increasing confidence. Charlotte is curreny undertaking a PhD investigating mental health improvements and parkour.

Jacob Peregrine-Wheller

Jacob is co-founder and head coach of Free Your Instinct. As Creative Director of Westcoast Parkour, he remains one of the few qualified coaches in the UK. With a passion for teaching and developing others, Jacob offers a wealth of experience with all ages and abilities from school through to retirement, able to adapt and respond to individual physical and learning needs.

Charley Hobson-Merrett

Charley is the treasurer trustee of Free Your Instinct. Following her law degree she spent time as an NHS accountant and as a sixth-form college lecturer. Currently Charley works in the fitness industry delivering exercise classes whilst undertaking a full time research masters focusing on exercise, exercise referral and depression. She is passionate about helping people utilise exercise to improve their well-being.